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Stalmont is an experienced service provider.

Laser cutting

For years we have been specialising in laser cutting. Thanks to state-of-the-art machine resources, we offer a comprehensive range of laser processing services. Our production halls are equipped with innovative lasers, which ensure precise and efficient processing of all ordered aluminium and stainless steel sheet metal products, in accordance with the specifications of the customer.

Performing laser cutting of sheet metal using IPG Fiber lasers is not only extremely accurate, but also reliable. Our processing equipment ensures above-average precision, speed and competitive prices of our services.  

Sheet metal bending

We offer metal sheet bending services. Our CNC press brake has a press force of 220 tonnes and a working width of 3100mm. It ensures high precision and repeatability of details.  

Glass blasting

Our range of services also includes glass blasting. We have the best cabin available on the market – Sciteex with dimensions of 6x3x2.7m, which ensures the highest quality of the process. Glass blasting allows to remove from metal surfaces impurities, tarnishes, deposits and scratches from the technological processes or discolourations after welding. Blasting with glass beads cleans surfaces quickly and thoroughly.

Main advantages of glass blasting

• Highly effective cleaning of any kind of contaminations  

• Leaves satin and matt finish on the surface and is completely safe for metals 

• No risk of damage or deformation of the material surface  

• Particularly recommended for parts with details difficult to access with grinding equipment

 • Allows to maintain high standards of cleanliness of the surface, required in the food industry 


We offer CNC milling and turning services.  

 High-precision CNC equipment allows to achieve highly accurate parts. We process stainless steel, aluminium and other metals. Thanks to advanced technology used, we can produce even very complex parts. High performance of our machines translates into speed and precision, which is important both in the case of large and smaller orders. Timely delivery is our top priority. 

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